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 Rules (YAY...OR NOT YAY? XD)

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Rules (YAY...OR NOT YAY? XD) Empty
PostSubject: Rules (YAY...OR NOT YAY? XD)   Rules (YAY...OR NOT YAY? XD) EmptySun Jun 20, 2010 1:54 pm

Just the basic rules of this place.
By the way, if you think there's a rule I forgot, please holler. :3 (God I love that word. XD)

Now, we're quite slack here compared to most RP forums. We're fine if you're a semi-literate. Perfectly okay.
To me (Dunno about you guys), that means you can write an at least two sentence reply, and have just about perfect spelling (I'm fine with misspells, just not the annoying ones like your/you're and to/too/two, ect.)

Now, I love being friendly. I love other people being friendly.
I'mma friendly-friend-lover.
So, I'd like it if you weren't rude. Fine if you're just playing around, but don't do it on purpose.
Because I may love being friendly, but dammit, I can bitch when I want to.
The highest respect should be taken towards the Admins. (You can recognise us by the blue font of our name)
Remember, we hold powers over you. *mwahaha*
Also, you may swear but not so much that our ears bleed.
That means not every other sentence - that's only allowed when you (Or your character) is annoyed.
So don't overdo it just for random's sake. Because sentences like 'I'm going to catch the f***ing bus tonight' just doesn't make any sense.

Being Banned
Now, I've only banned one person...twice. (Look, we're not going into THAT thing again!)
It is very rare that I will ban someone, but when I do, ohhh, you KNOW you've done something well bad that the entire forum agrees should have you permanently locked from here.
So yeah, if you don't do something that bad but still breaks the rules, I may just suspend you for a day or two.
But, once again, VERY rare thing to happen.

During Roleplay
Some of the very basic two things you should know are these:
OOC: Stands for Out Of Character There are many variants of this, but most commonly used is either OOC or brackets.
Pick whichever.
Anyways, this is what you use when you are on the Roleplay section, but are not doing any roleplaying.
Many people will use OOC to inform something about their post or to ask a question.

BIC: Stands for Back in Character Is what usually follows OOC. This simply means that after your OOC'ing, you are back in character and are roleplaying again. IC is also used, which stands for In Character.

Now, as you may have seen, we're a bit of an odd bunch. (Don't deny the truth lovees)
Anyways, because of that, we allow the magicallness that is FOURTH WALL BREAKING. 8D
That is simply when, during the roleplay, a character may make a reference to the fact their not real or such, or that they KNOW they're just in a roleplay by a bunch of insane/hyper/whatever you describe yourself as teenagers.
Yeah, just look through our roleplay board and you'll see for yourself.
Trust me, it's a lot of fun. XD

Uh, yeah, think that's about it...
I've probably missed something. X'D

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Rules (YAY...OR NOT YAY? XD) Empty
PostSubject: Re: Rules (YAY...OR NOT YAY? XD)   Rules (YAY...OR NOT YAY? XD) EmptySun Jun 20, 2010 2:27 pm


Naww, The rules are great, and I won't swear like that XD
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Rules (YAY...OR NOT YAY? XD) Empty
PostSubject: Mary-sue rules   Rules (YAY...OR NOT YAY? XD) EmptySun Jun 20, 2010 2:57 pm

No mary-sueness... I think we can all agree on that.
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Rules (YAY...OR NOT YAY? XD) Empty
PostSubject: Re: Rules (YAY...OR NOT YAY? XD)   Rules (YAY...OR NOT YAY? XD) Empty

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Rules (YAY...OR NOT YAY? XD)
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